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Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays among Christians all over the world. It is widely celebrated in commemoration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ. For non-Christians around the world, this period of time is celebrated as the emergence of spring instead of the resurrection of Christ.

Many Christians across the globe celebrate Easter with special music, flowers, candlelight, church services and a host of other activities. Easter processions are mostly celebrated in churches, especially in Catholic countries like Spain and the Philippines.

What are some popular Easter Symbols?

Eggs and Bunnies: Eggs and Bunnies symbolize fertility and the beginning of spring season. Eggs are dyed, painted, decorated and then used as a symbol for spring festivals. This is because eggs across cultures represent a new dawn and entirely new life.

Easter Baskets: Easter baskets are one of the most popular symbols of Easter celebration, especially with kids. Easter baskets originate from Catholicism. Historically, baskets of food were brought to the church in order to receive blessings from the Pastor. This custom is similar to the Pagan ritual of bringing the first harvest to the temple. These harvests are brought to the church for two significant reasons; one is for blessing while the other is to thank God for a productive season.

Today, Easter baskets are no longer filled with Easter crops or dinner like the olden days. The present-day Easter baskets are filled with toys, colorful eggs and sweet treats for children.

Easter Candles: Candles represent the light of the world. Candles lit in churches during Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus rose from the, he was called “the light of the world” due to the that His resurrection brought about new hope, taking away the darkness just as a candle does.

Easter Lamb: The lamb is considered one of the Easter symbols as it represents Jesus. He is regarded as the lamb of the highest.

Palm Branches: Upon the first arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem after his resurrection, he was welcomed with waving palm branches by many of his followers. This symbolizes the happiness at their hearts as they foresaw his arrival from afar. Apart from that, palm branches are used as one of the signs of the beginning of Lent.

Butterfly: The life cycle of a butterfly is considered a symbol for the life of Christ. The Caterpillar stage stands for Christ’s life on earth. The cocoon stage represents the death of Christ at the cross and his burial. The third stage is the rebirth phase after three days. The emergence of a butterfly from the cocoon signifies the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

What can you do with Easter Clip Art?

From Etsy shop BLUE WATER PAPERIE, four GORGEOUS printables perfect for home decor, church nursery, and as centerpiece artwork for Easter dinner!
And look! This one has one of our watercolor Easter bunnies!
From Etsy shop MICHELLEBCALLIGRAPHY, this simple and elegant print is a gentle reminder to Keep Calm and Keep Praying!” Clip art used HERE.
Also from Etsy shop MICHELLEBCALLIGRAPHY, this print would make a majestic centerpiece, especially when surrounded by Easter lilies and candles. Clip art used HERE.
From Etsy shop RUFFLESNBUTTONS, this custom Easter design was printed on 2 custom shortalls! So adorable! Clip art used HERE.
From Teachers Pay Teachers shop Mrs. Perez Teacher Tools, a fun game called MATH HUNT geared towards 1st and 2nd graders! Your students will love hunting Easter eggs all while learning about numbers and operations. Great for review! These beautiful watercolor eggs can be used in so many ways. Hide throughout the classroom for a “read the room” type of activity. You can also place the eggs in a cute Easter basket or bucket to use as centers. Included in this packet are recording sheets for each activity. Clip art used HERE.
From Etsy shop RAISINGUPRUBIES – not exactly Easter, but still within the Christian theme. You could absolutely use these scripture cards to decorate your Bible, tuck into an Easter basket or even decorate your Easter dinner table! Clip art used HERE.

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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