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I LOVE to see what the creatives who use my clip art do with it. It brings me so much joy that my art inspires other peoples’ art! And this little guy is the cutest art there is, right here!

This awesome shirt was made by Britney Cooley of The Paper Daisy Co. Made with our Watercolor Fishing Lures clip art set, you can see how it’s the perfect summertime shirt for for this little guy! I’m guessing he likes to fish!

Check out our Father’s Day post to see what else you can make with these fishing lures clip art pieces! And make sure you check out Britney’s shop while you’re at it!

Want to be featured? Drop us a line and let us know what you’ve created with our clip art and where we can let people know about it!

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Sports Balls Clip Art Inspiration!

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One of my favorite collaborators to work with is Kathy from! She creates whimsical, fun and gorgeous quick pages for the Classic Happy Planner! When tasked with creating Father’s Day themed quick pages, she was very much up to the challenge, and did an incredible job!

The Happy Planner® from me & my BIG ideas® is a customizable disc-bound planner system that combines your LOVE for CREATIVITY with your NEED for ORGANIZATION!

Kathy is a creativity MACHINE. You only need to look at her shop to see the incredible portfolio of design she has created! There is a planner page for everyone, every personality type, every hobby, every love, like and adore that you have, I guarantee Kathy has it, for JUST $2.00!

Classic Happy Planner Quick Pages Father's Day Sports Themed Football
Purchase the FOOTBALL Themed Quickpage HERE
Clip Art used: Watercolor Sports Balls
Classic Happy Planner Quick Pages Father's Day Sports Themed Basketball
Purchase the BASKETBALL THEMED Quickpages HERE
Clip Art used: Watercolor Sports Balls
Classic Happy Planner Quick Pages Father's Day Sports Themed Baseball
Purchase the BASEBALL THEMED Quickpage HERE
Clip Art used: Watercolor Sports Balls

Father’s Day Printables for **FREE** Get inspired!

super dad sports ball wreath

All over the world, Father’s Day is a celebration of our fathers. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday in June . This year, Father’s Day 2019 falls on Sunday, June 16th.

The origin of Father’s Day began on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Inspired by a Mother’s Day sermon, a young girl named Sonora Louise Smart decided that father’s deserved their special day, too. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving her father to raise six children on his own. Sonora had a deep respect and love for her father and believed fatherhood deserved to be recognized. (Wikipedia)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Neck Ties: Neckties are crisp to the point. When it comes to shopping for neckties to present to your dad on this special day, navy-blue, wine-red and other bright colors are fantastic and classic options. Another fun idea is to get inexpensive, plain, solid colored ties and let the kids go to town on then with fabric paint!

Fishing Lures: Lures are essential fishing equipment and a great gift, especially if your dad is a fisherman.

Sports Equipment or Tickets: If your dad loves sports, surprise him with tickets to his favorite sports team! Another idea, if dad loves baseball, get him two tickets and put them in a basket with some snacks and a brand new baseball or glove!

Free Father’s Day Printables

If you’re looking for a free Father’s Day card, we’ve got you covered! Let Dad know how much you care by writing a heartfelt message inside one of these specially designed greeting cards made just for him!

This design is perfect for the sports loving dad!

free superdad father's day printable greeting card


Does your dad love to fish? FISH him a Happy Day with this card!

free father's day printable greeting card
basketball pattern digital scrapbook paper
Download this printable basketball scrapbooking paper at KathysScraps!

Want to make your own cards, scrapbook pages, and Father’s Day printables? Check out these affordable watercolor clip art sets at our Etsy Shop!

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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National Donut Day 2019 – Where To Get Free Donuts

where to get free donuts 2019 national donut day

Don’t you just love donuts? It’s not just about the creamy taste, nice mouth feel, awesome recipes, and creative appeal; it has come a very long way! In celebration of the event, there will be many giveaways you don’t want to miss out on and guess what? They’re all sweet. You don’t have to fret about making your own. That thrill could be as easy as turning into the next block across your street to celebrate National Donut Day 2019.

The History of National Donut Day

As unofficial as it sounds, you’d think this event is something the whole world should be a part of not for its tasty nature alone, but for what it represents.

It was 1917 where a group of selfless volunteers was sent to provide basic baked goods and other services to troops engaged in the war in France. It was no easy feat though and two Salvation army volunteers introduced the now famous idea to serve doughnut. This act kept the troops coming back for more and has since been celebrated. Although it took some years to begin, the National Donut Day has to be in existence since 1938. Now on the first Friday of June in each year, we get to enjoy tasty treats and also celebrate the Salvation Army charity, not leaving the brave ladies (the ‘Donut ladies) out and we also remember the heroes who fought bravely. The donuts constantly gave the troops a feeling of home.

The event has since continued to serve charitable purposes starting with the funds raised for people during the Great Depression and the National Donut Day 2019 won’t be any different. If you haven’t been part of it before, you’ll have a chance on the 7th day of June this year. The Salvation Army continues to provide enough meals to those in need in moments of crisis.

Places Where You Could Get Free Donuts In 2018 As You Anticipate The Official List For National Donut Day 2019

Missed out on the freebies donuts over the years? Chances are that you didn’t know where to go. It’s a one-day event and you’d want to set your schedule right. If there’s anything better than a tasty donut, it’s a tasty donut you don’t pay for.

While you wait with eager taste buds, let’s take a look at some of the places that served free donuts (who knows, they might just be listed again this year!)…

Walmart: In 2018, Walmart offered a free glazed donut to each of its customers. There was no shortage of supplies too. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say they’ll also be part of the National Donut Day 2019 so you can expect to get served.

Papa John’s: Is there a better way to introduce a new dessert while serving up a free 10 piece orders on pizza Friday? Buying a pizza was the password to getting tasty donut holes.

Burger King: The day was enjoyable as BK served up flame-grilled donuts across 5 different cities. If that wasn’t enough, it came with a free mini donut slider on the side. Want to grab some already? June is around the corner!

Other places include Krispy Kreme, Edible, Lamar’s Donuts, Cumberland Farms and MORE.


Of course, we can’t let you go without a FREE DONUT of our own!

Download this pink watercolor donut with sprinkles! The file is 300dpi and ready for printing!

FREE watercolor donut clip art with sprinkles


Get the entire Watercolor Donut clip art set HERE.


I am blown away by El’s creativity. We were chatting online and I kept telling her that THIS is why I paint the stuff, because I cannot do layouts like this!! This bundle was created solely by El, and includes everything you see here for digital planners! All the elements can be used as stickers or even clip art to decorate your own planners! Also included is donut wallpaper! And how ADORABLE are the earrings!!??!?!? Go show El some love over at her Instagram!

National Donut Day promises to truly keep the tasty stuff coming! You wouldn’t want to miss out so keep your eyes peeled for the official list of places offering free donuts.

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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Mother’s Day Inspiration

What is Mother’s Day?

Usually celebrated on the 2nd day of May (International Mother’s Day), Mother’s Day is an an avenue to pay rich tributes to someone who has, over the years, impacted our lives, someone whose love, care and affection knows no boundaries and that woman who engages in everything to ensure that the children are happy and joyous at all times.

Flowers are considered to be a customary gift for mothers. It is believed that flowers perfectly convey the special appreciation messages for the love, care and affection that a child has for their mother.

Mother’s Day Trivia

The earliest celebration of Mother’s dates back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the mother of all the gods. While Mother’s Day is celebrated all across the world, there are cultural variations in traditional celebration.

In Thailand, Mother’s Day usually occurs in August, specifically on the birthday of the current queen, Sirikit.

In Ethiopia, families will gather to sing songs, and organize a large feast as part of the activities of the multi-day celebration honoring the existence of motherhood.

In the United States of America, Mother’s Day is usually celebrated by presenting gifts and flowers to mothers and other women who fill that mother role. Mother’s Day has evolved into one of the largest and most significant holidays for consumer spending. Families also celebrate this day by giving the mother a day off from household activities such as cooking, house chores and many more.

Popular Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Meanings

Here is a list of recommended flowers to gift your mother in celebration of Mother’s Day:

Tulips: Tulips generally signify a ‘perfect love’ but their color tells you what type of love. For instance, purple is a color of royalty and red usually means romantic love. Pink represents affection and care while white is a symbol of apology, but also cheerfulness. There are also countless varieties of tulips – Parrot, French, Fringed, Lily-fringed and so forth. Irrespective of the colors you have chosen to gift your mom, tulips are the quintessential spring flowers capable of bringing joy and happiness to the recipient.

Roses: Roses are classic traditional flowers to gift on Mother’s Day. In this instance, perhaps shy away from red roses since red is a color typically associated with romance. Better to opt for pink, which symbolizes love, gratitude, and appreciation. White roses symbolize purity and brightness while cream-colored roses are great signify thoughtfulness.

Carnations: Carnations are the flowers that started it all on World Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, sent more than 500 carnations flowers to every mother in the  West Virginia Congregation in commemoration of Mother’s Day in 1907. Pink carnations explicitly symbolize the love for one’s mother. White carnations represent pure, unparalleled love, and good luck.

Daisies: Daises are widely known to be a symbol of cheerfulness. If your mother is someone who radiates happiness, then Daisies are the perfect match for her. Daises also represent innocence, beauty, and purity.

What can you do with Mother’s Day Clip Art?

This AMAZING Mother’s Day Bundle comes from TpT seller Mrs. Perez Teacher Tools. This is a wonderful gift that can show Mom how much you love her year round!

This gorgeous Mother’s Day planner quick page is from KathyScraps. They fit perfectly into the Classic Happy Planner! Just print, trim, punch holes, insert and enjoy!

Download it for FREE from
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The above digital planner pages were made by Planner El! She does incredible work planning and creating digital layouts FROM HER PHONE!!


Finally, a FREEBIE! This FREE printable Mother’s Day Card was designed by yours truly, Yvonne de Salle. Using the official Mother’s Day flower, the CARNATION. Size A2 (4.25 in x 5.5 in)

Clip art used: Watercolor Carnations, Watercolor Chrysanthemums (leaves only)

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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Easter Clip Art Inspiration

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays among Christians all over the world. It is widely celebrated in commemoration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ. For non-Christians around the world, this period of time is celebrated as the emergence of spring instead of the resurrection of Christ.

Many Christians across the globe celebrate Easter with special music, flowers, candlelight, church services and a host of other activities. Easter processions are mostly celebrated in churches, especially in Catholic countries like Spain and the Philippines.

What are some popular Easter Symbols?

Eggs and Bunnies: Eggs and Bunnies symbolize fertility and the beginning of spring season. Eggs are dyed, painted, decorated and then used as a symbol for spring festivals. This is because eggs across cultures represent a new dawn and entirely new life.

Easter Baskets: Easter baskets are one of the most popular symbols of Easter celebration, especially with kids. Easter baskets originate from Catholicism. Historically, baskets of food were brought to the church in order to receive blessings from the Pastor. This custom is similar to the Pagan ritual of bringing the first harvest to the temple. These harvests are brought to the church for two significant reasons; one is for blessing while the other is to thank God for a productive season.

Today, Easter baskets are no longer filled with Easter crops or dinner like the olden days. The present-day Easter baskets are filled with toys, colorful eggs and sweet treats for children.

Easter Candles: Candles represent the light of the world. Candles lit in churches during Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus rose from the, he was called “the light of the world” due to the that His resurrection brought about new hope, taking away the darkness just as a candle does.

Easter Lamb: The lamb is considered one of the Easter symbols as it represents Jesus. He is regarded as the lamb of the highest.

Palm Branches: Upon the first arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem after his resurrection, he was welcomed with waving palm branches by many of his followers. This symbolizes the happiness at their hearts as they foresaw his arrival from afar. Apart from that, palm branches are used as one of the signs of the beginning of Lent.

Butterfly: The life cycle of a butterfly is considered a symbol for the life of Christ. The Caterpillar stage stands for Christ’s life on earth. The cocoon stage represents the death of Christ at the cross and his burial. The third stage is the rebirth phase after three days. The emergence of a butterfly from the cocoon signifies the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

What can you do with Easter Clip Art?

From Etsy shop BLUE WATER PAPERIE, four GORGEOUS printables perfect for home decor, church nursery, and as centerpiece artwork for Easter dinner!
And look! This one has one of our watercolor Easter bunnies!
From Etsy shop MICHELLEBCALLIGRAPHY, this simple and elegant print is a gentle reminder to Keep Calm and Keep Praying!” Clip art used HERE.
Also from Etsy shop MICHELLEBCALLIGRAPHY, this print would make a majestic centerpiece, especially when surrounded by Easter lilies and candles. Clip art used HERE.
From Etsy shop RUFFLESNBUTTONS, this custom Easter design was printed on 2 custom shortalls! So adorable! Clip art used HERE.
From Teachers Pay Teachers shop Mrs. Perez Teacher Tools, a fun game called MATH HUNT geared towards 1st and 2nd graders! Your students will love hunting Easter eggs all while learning about numbers and operations. Great for review! These beautiful watercolor eggs can be used in so many ways. Hide throughout the classroom for a “read the room” type of activity. You can also place the eggs in a cute Easter basket or bucket to use as centers. Included in this packet are recording sheets for each activity. Clip art used HERE.
From Etsy shop RAISINGUPRUBIES – not exactly Easter, but still within the Christian theme. You could absolutely use these scripture cards to decorate your Bible, tuck into an Easter basket or even decorate your Easter dinner table! Clip art used HERE.

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

Finding artistic inspiration for your projects can be daunting, especially if you don’t have personal experience in the subject. The remedy is fairly easy. Do some research! Learn something new, then put your own spin on it! Below is a brief history on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in America followed by some of the products created with our St. Patrick’s Day themed clip art!

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in America

Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17 every year. Also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, or St. Paddy’s Day is the traditional death day of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385-461), the foremost Patron Saint and national apostle of the Irish people. It was made an official Christian celebration day in the early 17th century, commemorating St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. The day also celebrates the culture and heritage of the Irish in general.

The celebrations began to get serious attention and participation increased in places like Boston and New York sometime during the early 19th century. As Irish-Americans became politically powerful in big cities, cities themselves begin to back St. Patrick’s day celebrations, gaining popularity amongst non-Irish Americans during the late 20th century.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is serious business. It involves parades, festivals, wearing green (or risk getting pinched!!), drinking green beer, and decorating with shamrocks, pots of gold, rainbows, and more! It also wouldn’t be a proper St. Patrick’s Day without eating Irish food and partaking in beer crawls across the city!

Popular St. Patrick’s Day Symbols

  • Shamrock – The Shamrock is the most common symbol of Saint Patrick’s day. The shamrock is the leaf of the clover plant and a symbol for Holy Trinity because it leaves are divided into three leaflets.
  • Horseshoes – Horseshoes are believed to be associated with good luck and chasing away the devil.
  • Green Rivers – On this day the rivers are dyed green. The tradition started in Chicago in 1962 completely by accident when the dye meant for sourcing illegal pollutants were used. It was later found to harm the river so now vegetable dye is used to create a harmless green glow.
  • Parades – The first St. Patrick’s Day parade happened in St. Augustin, Florida in 1601. Peoples parade down the street in honor of the Irish saint.
  • Corned beef and cabbage – Most Irish-Americans go crazy for corned beef. Around the same time when Irish immigrants came to the US, pork was a very expensive meat in Ireland. But the close proximity of the Irish to the Jewish quarter in New York meant corned beef was never far away! It was the next best thing to bacon due to its texture and hence became a traditional meal for Irish-Americans every year.
  • Singing ‘Irish Eyes Are Smiling’ – The song is believed to be a popular Irish song, but it was actually written by three lads from New York. Amongst the three, only one had Irish history, yet the song was believed to be of Irish origin. The song was covered by Bing Crosby in 1939 and was a popular song used in movies about Ireland in the 1930s and 40s.

Though Saint Paddy’s day originated in Ireland, wearing green, dyeing the rivers green, and the parades are purely an American celebration of Irish-American pride.

What can you do with St. Patrick’s Day Clip Art?

Party Favor Gift Tags!

From Etsy shop JADED ORCHID STUDIO. These party favor gift tags come in an editable format that can be personalized by you, right in your browser after purchasing, using Corjl!
From Etsy shop CREATIFBELLE. The adorable St. Patrick’s Day truck printable is so cute and perfect for framing! Digital download in 300dpi High Resolution JPG and PNG
ready for A4 8 1/2 x 11 inch printing
From Etsy shop Lazy Fox Paper Co. ECLP March Calendar Kit – Monthly Planning Kit. Printed on Premium Matte Paper, 3 page kit with the basics for monthly planning

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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Watercolor Fleur de Lis Inspiration for Printables

watercolor fleur de lis clip art inspiration design

A Brief History

The fleur de lis has a complicated past. French for “Lily Flower,” it historically represents everything from peace and war to religion, royalty and slavery. It is emblazoned on jewelry, clothing, architecture, football helmets and signs. It is woven into Louisiana’s history and culture, especially in New Orleans.

King Louis the XIV used the fleur de lis as his personal symbol, often wearing it from head to toe. Upon his passing, the Duke D’Orleans employed its use in his family’s crest. You will find it prevalent in other areas that were also colonized by the French like Vietnam, Quebec, and Detroit, Michigan.

Not all affiliations are positive, however. The Code Noir sanctioned that runaway slaves have their ears cut and the fleur de lis burned into their shoulders to brand them as fugitives.

In the years after Katrina, it emerged as a symbol of pride, strength and resiliency for New Orleans, and as of 2008 Governor Bobby Jindal made it the official symbol of Louisiana. Its complex and delicate past has evolved the fleur de lis into a sovereign emblem of rebirth.

What can you create with Watercolor Fleur de Lis clip art?

From BAYPAPERIE on Etsy. An absolutely gorgeous and elegant wedding invitation!
Card design by Mary McLarty. She created this whimsical card for an upcoming bachelorette party! She will print the menu, game cards and itinerary on it!

Need more design ideas, check out our Inspiration category!

Click here for FREE watercolor Fleur de Lis clip art!

All clip art sets come with a limited commercial license *and* print-on-demand license for up to 750 products!

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