National Donut Day 2019 – Where To Get Free Donuts

where to get free donuts 2019 national donut day

Don’t you just love donuts? It’s not just about the creamy taste, nice mouth feel, awesome recipes, and creative appeal; it has come a very long way! In celebration of the event, there will be many giveaways you don’t want to miss out on and guess what? They’re all sweet. You don’t have to fret about making your own. That thrill could be as easy as turning into the next block across your street to celebrate National Donut Day 2019.

The History of National Donut Day

As unofficial as it sounds, you’d think this event is something the whole world should be a part of not for its tasty nature alone, but for what it represents.

It was 1917 where a group of selfless volunteers was sent to provide basic baked goods and other services to troops engaged in the war in France. It was no easy feat though and two Salvation army volunteers introduced the now famous idea to serve doughnut. This act kept the troops coming back for more and has since been celebrated. Although it took some years to begin, the National Donut Day has to be in existence since 1938. Now on the first Friday of June in each year, we get to enjoy tasty treats and also celebrate the Salvation Army charity, not leaving the brave ladies (the ‘Donut ladies) out and we also remember the heroes who fought bravely. The donuts constantly gave the troops a feeling of home.

The event has since continued to serve charitable purposes starting with the funds raised for people during the Great Depression and the National Donut Day 2019 won’t be any different. If you haven’t been part of it before, you’ll have a chance on the 7th day of June this year. The Salvation Army continues to provide enough meals to those in need in moments of crisis.

Places Where You Could Get Free Donuts In 2018 As You Anticipate The Official List For National Donut Day 2019

Missed out on the freebies donuts over the years? Chances are that you didn’t know where to go. It’s a one-day event and you’d want to set your schedule right. If there’s anything better than a tasty donut, it’s a tasty donut you don’t pay for.

While you wait with eager taste buds, let’s take a look at some of the places that served free donuts (who knows, they might just be listed again this year!)…

Walmart: In 2018, Walmart offered a free glazed donut to each of its customers. There was no shortage of supplies too. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say they’ll also be part of the National Donut Day 2019 so you can expect to get served.

Papa John’s: Is there a better way to introduce a new dessert while serving up a free 10 piece orders on pizza Friday? Buying a pizza was the password to getting tasty donut holes.

Burger King: The day was enjoyable as BK served up flame-grilled donuts across 5 different cities. If that wasn’t enough, it came with a free mini donut slider on the side. Want to grab some already? June is around the corner!

Other places include Krispy Kreme, Edible, Lamar’s Donuts, Cumberland Farms and MORE.


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National Donut Day promises to truly keep the tasty stuff coming! You wouldn’t want to miss out so keep your eyes peeled for the official list of places offering free donuts.

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