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A Brief History

The fleur de lis has a complicated past. French for “Lily Flower,” it historically represents everything from peace and war to religion, royalty and slavery. It is emblazoned on jewelry, clothing, architecture, football helmets and signs. It is woven into Louisiana’s history and culture, especially in New Orleans.

King Louis the XIV used the fleur de lis as his personal symbol, often wearing it from head to toe. Upon his passing, the Duke D’Orleans employed its use in his family’s crest. You will find it prevalent in other areas that were also colonized by the French like Vietnam, Quebec, and Detroit, Michigan.

Not all affiliations are positive, however. The Code Noir sanctioned that runaway slaves have their ears cut and the fleur de lis burned into their shoulders to brand them as fugitives.

In the years after Katrina, it emerged as a symbol of pride, strength and resiliency for New Orleans, and as of 2008 Governor Bobby Jindal made it the official symbol of Louisiana. Its complex and delicate past has evolved the fleur de lis into a sovereign emblem of rebirth.

What can you create with Watercolor Fleur de Lis clip art?

From BAYPAPERIE on Etsy. An absolutely gorgeous and elegant wedding invitation!
Card design by Mary McLarty. She created this whimsical card for an upcoming bachelorette party! She will print the menu, game cards and itinerary on it!

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